Guide On Removing Stains from Your Wooden Fence

Are you starting to get annoyed with the noticeable stains on your wooden fence? Is the paint fading away, peeling, or cracking? You might need to restore your wooden fence.

Don’t worry, restoring your wooden fence is quick and easy. However, you need to carefully follow the directions to get satisfying results. Not following the directions can damage the wooden fence.

Here is an expert’s guide on removing the stubborn stains on your wooden fence:

Clean Off Debris

You need to remove any debris like soil, ivy or cobwebs on your wooden fence before starting to remove existing stains. If debris is not removed, it can leave small stains once the wood stripper is applied.

Application of Wood Stripper

Before applying the wood stripper, put a tart or sheet to prevent any damage on the grass or furniture nearby. Stain remover contains harmful chemicals that cause discolouration on materials nearby.

You should also have gloves, a mask, oxalic acid, a steel brush, and a hose or power washer.

A quality wood stripper is similar to a bleaching agent. Before using it, read and follow the directions carefully. Once you apply the wood stripper, the stain will dissolve. If there are stubborn stains, you can use the steel brush to remove them.

Rinse and Restore Wood

Wash the fence with a hose or power washer once the stains have dissolved. This removes residue and the wood stripper. The water hose or power washer should follow the length of the wooden boards when rinsing.

If you still see noticeable stains, reapply the wood stripper and follow the same process.

Once the wood is free from stains, neutralize and restore your wooden fence by using oxalic acid.

Completely Dry

Before applying the new stain, you should ensure that the wood is completely dry. This is true especially if you’re using an oil-based stain. Wood will take several days or weeks before it is completely dry.

To determine if the wood is dry, you can use a moisture meter. If the reading is 12% or less, this means that your wooden fence is dry and ready for the application of the new stain.


You won’t have to worry about stains on your wooden fence, deck, or patio anymore! Cleaning off stains on a wooden surface is easy. The most important thing to have a successful result is to use a quality wood stripper then follow the directions.

The only drawback of this task is it’s time-consuming and daunting to perform. One mistake can affect the overall results. Aside from that, you need patience when letting the wood dry. That’s why we recommend hiring an expert to guarantee that you will get satisfying and excellent results.

Here at Sunshine Carpenters, our team is highly qualified and trained in offering fencing services. If you’re looking for professional advice regarding your wooden fence, our team can help you out! If have any questions regarding our services, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We strive to provide quality services to guarantee satisfaction to our clients!

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