What Pergolas Can Provide For Your Backyard

There are a variety of different structures that you can choose to add to your outdoor space/backyard. For something versatile in design and makes for a durable structure, pergolas are one option you can select. Pergolas are something that is both stylish and functional for the outdoor space, pergolas can make for a versatile structure to have for your backyard. More than having a selection of designs that you can choose from, pergolas offer different options and features for your outdoors.

Pergola Options

A pergola can offer a wide selection of design options that range from something traditional like an open-top to something more modern like a dome design. Pergolas are versatile structures that can be either attached to your home or free-standing in your backyard. If you were to select what pergola you would like to go for, there is a number of options depending on your style. With a more classic theme, you can have something extra versatile that can allow extra features

If you go for a pergola structure design that is on the slim and trim side, you have the option to have planter hangers, canopies, and other accessories added without causing too much trouble. Another feature you can have with a pergola design is the addition of a roof with sliding doors. By having this feature, you can have full control over the shade and sunlight. Basically, you can block the sun rays by covering individual parts while leaving other areas exposed, depending on the design.

Other pergola options you can select for further style include a Mediterranean design or arched design. With the former, you can have a blend of a traditional and modern aesthetic while featuring potted plants and Moroccan stencils on the floor. As for the latter, it can provide a striking visual for your backyard and covers a more clean and modern style.

What Pergolas Provide

More than the versatility in design that a pergola can provide, pergolas can make a convenient space to entertain guests and make an extended area for your property. When it comes to your outdoor area, it is understandable you would want some privacy and a pergola can provide this plus protection against different weather conditions. If you wanted, you could have a pergola as a focal point of your outdoor space.

One convenient feature that you can find with pergolas aside from what is noted is how you can combine a love for gardening with the structure. When having the structure installed, you can have the four corners of the pergola basically be anchored with planter boxes. If you’d like to have more options and features with your pergola, a professional service team is recommended.

How Sunshine Coast Carpenters Can Help With Your Pergolas

There are a variety of different services available to help with any carpentry or outdoor needs, but for a service that can provide quality results with versatility in its services, you will want to consider Sunshine Coast Carpenters. Sunshine Coast Carpenters is a service that provides a team of licensed and experienced carpenters who deliver outstanding quality services to our customers. They are a team that is able to cater to services of all kinds and sizes, from basic installations to large-scale commercial projects. Whatever your pergola needs may be, having a service like Sunshine Coast Carpenters is something to consider.


Pergolas are versatile outdoor structures that can either be attached or free-standing with a range of design options. When having it applied to your outdoor space/backyard, a pergola can hold different features like a sliding roof or hangers for planters to let you enjoy the outdoors with a shade that can double as an extra space to entertain guests. Given the different benefits it can provide to your backyard, you will want to have a reliable service like Sunshine Coast Carpenters to help decide on the best fitting pergola for your property.

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