Building Staircases and What Tips to Remember

A staircase can be a convenient thing to have on your property depending on the layout and if you are planning to have one installed in your home, you will want to check on any requirements and regulations in your property. More than this, depending on the type of stair you are planning to have done, there are some points to help smoothen out the whole installation process.

If you are planning to go DIY, you will want to look for a mill-made stair. Mill-made stairs are usually fabricated in a mill shop and shipped to the job site as a kit, ready for assembly and installation. The other option is to go for a carpenter-built stair, which is just that involves a stair built on-site by a carpenter. Whichever choice you make, there are different certain tips to keep in mind.

Points that Come with Stair Building

Like with any structure, especially one that you are considering building yourself, there are a variety of different helpful notes for the entire process. While there are plenty of tips you will want to note for stair building, the following are just some of the top ones to keep in mind:

Review the Layout and Calculations Carefully

This process generally occurs once all regulations and requirements have been checked for the project. The first thing that you will want to do is to review the layout of the staircase and the location. You will need to check on the proper headroom to accommodate the stairs to ease going up and down the structure.

With the wrong calculation, you may end up with some future damages. Depending on the length and height of the staircase you are aiming for, there are different solutions in calculating the measurements. One thing that can help is to check for out of square and out of level walls and floors.


Even after having your calculations review, it is always good to double-check them especially when it is during the stair cutting/stair laying process. Something that could help here is to make sure you know the thickness of the finish floor and adjust your floor-to-floor height accordingly. When everything is set up, it is good to review all marks made on your tread and stringers in case there is any need for adjustments or otherwise.

Additional Features and Adjustments Can Help

While it is good to ensure that all measurements and initial preparations are done well, some small features can also help. For example, you can create a softer edge where the carpet breaks over the tread edge which you can do when installing the treads into the stringers. Or you can place glue blocks at the underside between the tread and riser intersection. If you still want to make sure everything is smooth with your staircase, an overlooked move is sealing the underside of your stair. This will prevent the stair from squeaking and warping.

Considering Sunshine Coast Carpenters As Your Builders

Though there is the option to DIY your staircase with a full process and ready-made materials to help, having a professional service team can ensure not just a smooth process but a staircase that meets both style and functional needs. Among the different services you can select from, reliable service to consider is Sunshine Coast Carpenters. Sunshine Coast Carpenters can help you with any carpentry services you require, from installation, assembly, remodelling, maintenance, repairs, and more. With quality materials and services that can meet your budget, choosing this team can provide a hassle-free option for your staircase.


Building a staircase is a process like any carpentry project and is possible to either be done by yourself or by a service. When it comes to building a staircase, you’ll find that there are a variety of steps and tips that you will want to keep in mind whether it be checking your calculations or something like applying a seal. For a less labour inducing process, having a service like Sunshine Coast Carpenters can help plus you can receive quality options. A staircase can not only be convenient but can provide a lot of building choices with the right tips.

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